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Take a Tile and Support Lighthouse

$6,400 raised

$24,000 goal


The Lighthouse school building and surrounding area is just like any other building -- there are always upkeep expenses. We have several goals to make improvements to the facilities for the benefit of the teachers, students, families, and guests who visit our school. This summer we plan to replace the windows in order to repair seals and to help with energy costs. Another summer project is to correct drainage issues in the parking lot and then resurface the whole lot. As we redo the lot, we are also looking into putting in a sidewalk to help those students who park in the movie lot.

We would appreciate your help. The Make a Mural fundraising project not only helps offset the cost for the windows and parking lot, but will also bring some beauty to the school. Lighthouse dad, Chris Sheppard, will be painting a mural of a lighthouse scene on the tiles which will adorn the entryway of the school.

It will take at least 240 tiles to complete the project. Each tile costs $100.

All donations are tax deductible.